Tuesday, 3 January 2012


                         As the name depicts the vedic astrology explains or it comes directly from ancient vedas. Mainly this one is related or mainly concerned about the sun rays. Sun - the most important part of the universe which will give  light and heat for the whole universe.This is the normal idea of a human being . But the reality is more than that . Even the rays of sun will influence the power and energy of the human being . Mainly shadows comes from light ,and sun gives us light.105 elements mainly constitute the human body . The real fact is tat out of these 105 elements 9 elements comes from  the sun directly .Some planets in the universe which cause the entire  disability of a human being which may result to trauma state . For eg: Mars is one of the planet in the universe. But mars is a planet which emits  lot of rays and heat which may result in the human disorder like skin allergy which may lead to severe disorder,it may also causes the mental instability .

Even astrology influences the common man's life to a vast extent . Meditation will give some people a peace of mind .So there comes the influence of the gem stones in a human's life. Gem stones mainly are of different types , precious gems mainly comes from the under ground earth and the normal stones comes from beneath the sea .All these gem stones will be having the influences in one's life.It can surely did the trick in establishing the future of the human being .All the temples also will be having their moorthis will be made up of  gem stones and these gem stones will influence the future. These customs are mainly followed from ancient days itself .India itself be prominent in terms of gems and diamonds.Kohinoor diamonds the famous species of diamond present in india. Kollor mookambia temple is the place where we can see the real  green emerald  in the moorthi. 

                                      People in the society , celebrities,politicians ,Sportsmen all now a days trusting this gemology and the science behind those gem stones. The radiation and the lights that passes through this gem stones will surely generate some positive energy which will lead him to think positively and it will reduces all the disability of a human being . Mentally no one is having the peace of mind . That is the main reason which contributes the thinking of a person . Mental wealth cant be acquired fully in one's life . With the help of gem stones which will lead you to think positively and another important thing is that it will generate the positive energy and which lead us to love our self. So the main reason is if you love yourself means you will be loved by  others and it will help you to be in a mental stability which lead to a peaceful life .This is the main idea behind this gem stone culture and the astrology in the society .

                                            These videos will enable a person to know deeper knowledge in the sector of gem stones and that of astrology.This aims to reduce the distance between the astrology and science.

Also am hereby introducing myself , am the first person who implemented a new way of music .That is music by plants or leaves. In ancient science it is known as THAAMBOOLA SANGEETHAM . This is a different kind of try which gives me more and more satisfaction in the field of music. 

In science it is depicted that music cures illness,yes i have implemented that one with divinity of god and that of all the other divine process.


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